Jose Gerard Luis Esguerra

aka Gerard

  • I live in Behind you....I MEAN Philippines
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is ?
  • I am Male
  • Jose Gerard Luis Esguerra

    Bad words are Change to _____(Blank) or something else

    • Rigby saying Now how the H are we gonna fix this S was change to Now how the heck are we gonna fix this____
    • When Rigby says But He's gonna be pissed was changed to But He's gonna be PEEVED
    • Benson saying STUPID KEYBOARD CRAP was changed to Keyboard Junk cutting the word stupid too

    • Rigby saying Benson is gonna drop his balls is change to this script(ADDING SOMETHING)

    Rigby:Benson is gonna drop_________

    Mordecai:I think we cannot do that

    Rigby: oh man!

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