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The Amazing World of Gumball means spanish "El Incréible Mundo de Gumball" Cartoon Network Latin America (excepted censored); and then means "El Maravillosos Mundo de Gumball" Canal 5 Televisa on aired date: september 8, 2013 8:00am and transmitted January 13, 2014 8:00am Central Time UTC -6

Season 1Edit

DVD sin censura

Uncensored original Logo Canal 5

  • Correct this link in Spanish/Latin America is censored: There is a very silly and clueless censorship in episode because when I speak Japanese and Darwin finished speaking the blame subtitle that says "NO" going to the next scene. Spanish:"Hay una censura muy tonta y despistada en el episodio ya que cuando Darwin hablo Japones y termino de hablar se censuro el subtitulo que dice "NO" pasando a la siguiente escena.
  • Canal 5 Mexico is "uncensored" rights!!!

The Prank La Broma

  • Correct this link ES/LA is censored: In Latin America they censored the part where spits cereal Gumball Darwin and unfortunately this was considered vomiting. Spanish: En Latinoamerica censuraron la parte donde Gumball escupe cereal a Darwin ya que este fue lamentablemente considerado como vomito.
  • Canal 5 Mexico is uncensored; now recording at YouTube was out of Cartoon Network Latin America
    Uncensored Scene Canal 5 The Prank00:34

    Uncensored Scene Canal 5 The Prank

The Picnic El día del Campo
Picnic 1 sin censura
Picnic 2 sin censura
Picnic 3 sin censura

Open to logo Canal 5

  • Correct this link ES/LA is censored: The scene where the two squirrels said that Gumball and Darwin would never get out alive and that they would eat their deceased carcasses was cut out. Spanish: Se censura cuando las ardillas dicen "No van a sobrevivir aquí y nos comeremos sus cráneos" OR La escena en la que las dos ardillas dijeron que Gumball y Darwin nunca saldrían con vida y que iban a comer sus cadáveres fallecidos se cortó.
  • Canal 5 Mexico is uncensored dialogue of the original transmitted squirrels
The Car El Auto
Auto 1 sin censura

Ms. Robinson stunned

Auto 2 sin censura

The Robinson's Stunned uncensored

  • Correct this link ES/LA is censored: -It is censored part where Margaret sees retorsiendose electrocuted by electric baton of Police
    Doughnutt Sherriff similarly, a part where they are now The Robinsons electrocuted were also cut.

Season 2Edit

  • NOTE: in aired Canal 5 Mexico will not avaliable but the episode same was earlier is signal TV free Gratuited.
  • The Flower
  • The Banana
  • The Apology

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