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So, what is the UAOACC?

The Unofficial Australian Organisation of Anti-Censorship for Cartoons is an anti-censorship internet activist group which was formed in 2011. ...filling in more info later...

  1. You are to respect the UAOACC, and its members. A template shall be put on their user profile to signal their affinity.
  2. Administrators are allowed to edit other user's profiles, if need be. However, intentionally malicious edits ARE punishable.
  3. Heated discussion is tolerated, however don't let it get personal.
  4. Do not refer to us as "anarchists," "communists" or the like. Though we respect the prospect of free speech, we do not tolerate the demonization of anyone based on their location on the political spectrum, and therefore will consider it abusive language. We want to maintain a happy and healthy environment for everyone to document censorship.
  5. Only post information that is true. If you wish to write speculation, make sure you denote it as such.
  6. If you want to join, find the "Member Board" list and add yourself. As mentioned before, the UAOACC is a free label. It is free for anyone who wants to fight against censorship to use. Just make sure you maintain our positive publicity.
  7. Disobeying any of these rules can have you banned.
  • April 22, 2012: The UAOACC Wiki has been created.
  • May 20, 2012: Official rules have been placed for the UAOACC Wiki.
  • May 21, 2012: The founder of this wiki Soccerissocool11 celebrates her 13th birthday! Congratulations!
  • September 28, 2012: The first milestone of 50 members for the UAOACC has been reached! Thank you to all that have chosen to join the fight against unnecessary censorship!
  • November 27, 2013: Blatant Australian censorship has officially been recognized as defeated. Overseas ambassadors are requested for UAOACC membership.
Jerryjackson42's Backstory

Although most of you do not live in such a place where censorship blossoms, the previous leader of this club does. This is what he has to say about the censorship, and this is his backstory.

"I grew up as a simple kid, watching the cars go by as I sat on the porch of my mother and father's house every day. I kept on asking myself, "Have I been born to do something?" Around 12 years later, I found the beginning of my destiny. It was around October-December in 2010 that the first airing of Adventure Timeoccurred. I was watching in awe, my eyeballs filled with the awesomeness of Pen Ward. However, I noticed something weird. THERE WERE MISSING WORDS. At that point, I didn't pay much attention, as I had never experienced censorship of cartoons before, and was a bit reluctant myself to believe it. After "Trouble in Lumpy Space" played, it was time for "Slumber Party Panic." But there was something wrong with this episode as well. So many thoughts ran through my brain at that time, "Why are they doing this?" "What are they supposed to say?" and the like. I went to compare the two episodes with their respective American counterparts and found that the worst had happened... THEY HAVE TAINTED OUR SHOWS. As more episodes have been aired, more AND MOREhave been censored. To be honest, I was actually the one that made CNA play Season 3 early. I was sick of the fact that they only played Season 1 and 2, and was ready for a change. So, I went and contacted them and requested they play Season 3. It started airing in less than a week. That was just a small example of what people power can do. Eventually, with a litte edit war here and there, I created the "Censorship of Adventure Time in Australia" page, and created a revelutionary time within the widespread Adventure Time fanbase. Eventually, it led to creating the UAOACC."

          -- Jerryjackson42

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