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CNPH's Message about CensorshipEdit


Thank you for contacting Cartoon Network Community Support.

Some parts of the episode are being censored, when it comes to censorship, Cartoon Network, like all other kids’ channels, must comply with the Philippines and International Broadcasting codes and regulations that specify what we can and cannot show on a dedicated kids’ network. We have to stick to these rules to ensure that Cartoon Network remains a safe and trusted channel for kids and families. Thank you for your understanding, If you have any other comments or suggestion about the toons we air, please feel free to share them by replying to this email. In the meantime, you can enjoy the rest of your day watching the rest of the shows on Cartoon Network. Until next time! Sincerely,

Cartoon Network Community Support Team"

How do you feel about that?


well, I think that censoring it a bit is ok, because we all know that the new CN Toons (RG,AT,Gumball) are splattered with adult references and sometimes they take it too far

but censoring harmless things like "jerk" or "sucks" or "wimp" is just stupid ~eternalswagbeast

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