The ITAWOG Plot was a plot devised by Jerryjackson42, Ailourophile and JayJayJohnson to remove the user Amar10Aizad from Wikia after causing a nuisance on the TAWOG Wiki. Although the TAWOG Wiki was Jerryjackson42's enemy in the past, this plot was made to clear his name and prove himself to his new allies. NOTE: The UAOACC had nothing to do with this whatsoever. Every member besides Jerryjackson42 has NOT participated in this plot.

The BeginningEdit

  • At 00:33, on December 24, 2012, Amar10Aizad (originally known as Amaraizad4) made his first edit on the TAWOG Wiki. He uploaded a Malay advertisement for The Amazing World of Gumball. Somehow, InvaderrrZIM's automated welcome message on his message wall included the picture, and due to its enormous size, it caused a stir in the comments section. On the same day, at 03:27, Amar10Aizad was banned from chat for spamjoining because of iPad lagging. At 05:47, he was banned entirely by Randomced859, and the reason was, "Needs time out." This followed a lengthy argument with Gumballamiyumi, where he threatened to hack the TAWOG Wiki. Of course, this just made it worse. Amar10Aizad was just an ordinary troll, but nothing could prepare him for what happened next.

The PlotEdit

  • Some time after Amar10Aizad's banning, Jerryjackson42 heard of Amar10Aizad, and due to the lingering hostilities between the UAOACC and TAWOG Wikis, Jerryjackson42 decided to take down Amar10Aizad as a form of apology. Learning from his mistakes made in the previous UAOACC-TAWOG War, and the gullibility of Amar, he found this an easier fight.
  • He started to tell trusted leaders of the TAWOG Wiki of his mission, but due to his rather hostile past with them, it raised a few eyebrows. Many did not trust him, but with careful persuasion, he convinced them to give him a second chance.
  • Some time later, after lurking in the TAWOG Wiki Live Chat, Jerryjackson42 found that Amar had set up a now-defunct faux wiki for himself, called the Is The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki. It is unknown if he did this to rival the original wiki or to get on their nerves.
  • Many weeks went into coercing Amar into making Jerry an admin, but to no avail. When a fake disparaging message was put onto the TAWOG Wiki's forums claiming he would hack the wiki, Randomced859 messaged him, warning him about his imminent ban. But after explaining in a private chat that this was to only gain the trust of their enemy, he ignored it, and the comment went rather unnoticed.
  • During this, Jerry made friends with a user called 'Enzo Matrix', a role-play account based on the character from the TV show 'ReBoot'. he had earned his trust, which aided in convincing Amar to grant Jerry adminship. A few days spent gathering people to help the plan unfold passed, then the night came...

The ExecutionEdit

  • On a date lost and forgotten, a gathering in the ITAWOG Live Chat took place. A second private session was held between the Jerry-affiliated users and Jerry himself on the TAWOG Wiki, as to explain the plan:
  • Using Jerry's adminship and bureaucracy (another adminship-like rank where one can ban users), at 9:00pm AEST, he was to ban Amar, Enzo and their friends, delete their user profiles and wreak havoc on their wiki, vandalizing it, replacing whole copy-pasted pages from the TAWOG Wiki with expletives and abusive language.
  • Several tabs with ban prompts for the wiki were opened and ready to go. At 8:55pm AEST, all allies were informed that the vandalism would take place in 5 minutes, and the pages that were to be vandalized by whom were organized. At 9:00pm, the following paraphrased message was sent in the public area:

"In accordance with the rules of the Amazing World of Gumball Wiki, you and user Amar10Aizad are banned." They were then kicked from the chat, banned, and were forced to watch as Jerryjackson42, Ice Cave, Chrisdudeyo, CIAGENT, ZeRoyalJelly and RetroWarrior123 vandalized the wiki. Soon afterwards, Amar10Aizad deactivated his account.


The ScourgeEdit

  • Jerryjackson42 (leader)
  • Randomced859 (assassin)
  • JayJayJohnson (co-leader)
  • Ailourophile (soldier)
  • Ice Cave (alt)

Amar's ArmyEdit

The EndEdit be added...

The AftermathEdit be added...'ve te

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