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One of the most infamous edits.

One Piece is one of the most popular anime in Japan. Polls stated that 1 out of 8 people in Japan (12.5% of their population) read One Piece. 4Kids Entertainment, a company that dubbed anime and censored it to appeal to the younger market, had found out about the popularity of One Piece and decided to dub it for children. 

However, due to the content of the show,        
OnePiece censorship

The blackface/pinkface comparison

4Kids infamously censored many of the scenes and left many plot holes. This is an currently incomplete and out-of-order list of what was censored:


  • Sanji's famous cigarrete was changed to a lollipop. This generally caused controversy, as a lot of the dialougue was changed with this edit and ending up sounding rather odd.
  • Guns were edited into other weapons which were more family friendly. See the image above for the most prominent example of this, where a flintlock that Helmeppo was holding to Coby's head was changed to a hammer-like device.
  • Characters of the black ethnicity were changed into those of the white, because 4Kids thought that some would see it as an ethnic sterotype and did it to avoid controversy. This ended up causing heavy controversy itself, because many saw the move as racism itself.
  • All instances of 'ale' has been dubbed as 'juice', and if you cheat in the Drinking Contest, 'ginger tea'. 
  • Zoro's swords no longer cut people open, which made some scenes rather confusing.
  • They replaced Laboon with an iceberg leaving out a vary important story if they got to Brook's Arc.

Plot ChangesEdit

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers below

  • Belle Mere's death is changed, in the 4Kids dub she is imprisoned by Arlong rather than just getting killed and she is almost never mentioned again.

This list is currently incomplete. Please contribute to the UAOACC Wiki to complete it.

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